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Anyone knows what happened to this counter?
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个个老师都是骗你上车的啦. 和你非亲非故,干嘛要给你赚钱,他们自己不会赚吗?先吹一吹安抓安抓让你们上车,然后才收割韭菜,不甜吗?
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Helloo... anyone still on very high floor there? Which floor u in...? Hahaha
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Nanana be careful ah... some said it's a trap ah... better don't buy ah. Hahaha
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Never mind la, if down ma keep for longer term lo. Fundamental is good, slow and steady profitable company, can wait la. If scare ma tomorrow morning sell all out at 0.165 or 0.170 la, earn some kopi ais or chicken rice money ma safe enough lor
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Huh... 0.245? Let's see if it will be able to break 0.200 first. 0.245 a bit too far to talk now. All depends on the taikos wanna push or not lor. Mau bagi dia jalan, 0.3-0.4 also can easily do it la
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Before that was rm2 and now only 1.46... nothing to shout about really. It could be undervalued atm, so just put it in the safe and wait for the company to have better performance
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