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dah terang2 PN17 kenapa masih beli?
2 months · translate
obviously this counter is PN17.why did you guys still buy and hold?If you want to buy,make it FIFO/intraday.Bursa already warn you about this (PN17).
2 months · translate
window dressing.
6 months · translate
never catch a falling dagger.
7 months · translate
3 things to do when facing crumble counter :
1. stick to your CL plan.
2. never catch a falling dagger.
3. be realistic,not hope.
7 months · translate
still thinking how contra trader going to sell.hmm..?
7 months · translate
I do PVA analysis,right?
1 year · translate
simple thing : buying something at 900% price increased in just 1 month is just not a clever move at all.
1 year · translate
jgn take risk bro.benda dah naik lebih 500% dari harga asal.bila2 je bole tgolek kaw2.
1 year · translate
non syariah bro.banyak lagi kaunter yg patuh syariah.
1 year · translate
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