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Buy that company with RM 51 for 51% capital ?
4 months · translate
If 1.20 have to wait Monday..
Dnex, up up up
4 months · translate
Buy or Sell at your own risk..
Contra player should sell off, if you have gain.
Your cannot always gain at the top or highest price
4 months · translate
Why cares those ppl give bad comments ?
If you are a investor, do you own research, don't let bad statement spoil your own judgement.
Invest at your own risk..
Dnex up up up
4 months · translate
Hahaha, up up up
4 months · translate
Slow & Steady will be better, DNEX have long term plan.

If movement like Dataprep and UMA have query for 2 times, who dare to buy it...
4 months · translate
limit up for all those share below 0.995 are 30cents
4 months · translate
The news are C.Hin buy higher price now compare with current price.
4 months · translate
Really Hans ?
When he call?
4 months · translate
Tidur lar...
Esok punya benda, esok baru cakap...
Kalau anda masih ada jual sahaja dan
yang nak ikut jual, silakan...
Semoga kau untung banyak sikit...
4 months · translate
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