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there are so many digital bank at market, User won't choose a risky company for their e-wallet.
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poker King win.
he pp only price 0.6++..
Now 0.9++.. slowly sell out.
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For sure 3rd PP will come.
Just wait after PP then decide what is support price?
1 month · translate
what is Previous PP Price ?
1 month · translate
After open boarder. people can travel freely in Malaysia.
Previously Ppl travel by air bcos it is fastest way and not harm on life.
Today with Covid virus surrounding us, Air travel always higher risk then by car.
How ppl weigh safety and speed ?
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现在股价是102 sen. 上个Qr,EPS是- 73.20.
再来一个QR的亏损,很可能就到60 sen 了。
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i3 forum is what ?
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Hopefully can get 1x time dividend on coming quarter. Make it like FD rate.
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My opinion is very soon Fajar will finish disposes all their stock. Then buying momentum will come back.
This stock is toward positive growth direction.
Issue Dividend can attract new investors and big firm.
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