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Why does it drop so low to 0.65?
5 days · translate
Tan Tian Seng, 2.38 May 1? What bullshit is this?
2 months · translate
Zhulian gives very high dividend. At 1.86, i personally feel that is still worth it.
6 months · translate
Good for you!
6 months · translate
The price is all speculative.
8 months · translate
Possible takeover.
8 months · translate
Yes, very quiet. Also, quietly, the directors etc like Dato Sri Kho Kak Beng is discreetly accumulating KKB shares while it is cheap. I personally think something is brewing. Also, KKB is earning profits when you look at its value for earning per share.
8 months · translate
Next short term target is 2.00?
9 months · translate
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