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@emma line slow la celcom. Orang komplen baru laju ckit ini hari
18 minutes · translate
Geng glov dah xde , smua tgh goreng technology dan semiconductor. Tggu march smua lari ong
36 minutes · translate
I keep it, to pass to my grandgrandgrandchildren for emergency use in the nex pandemic
39 minutes · translate
Anyone still holding??? Or im just alone here?
2 hours · translate
I feel afraid of qr announcement to be good. Today very long red becoz of harta good results yesterday
18 hours · translate
Hahaha. Counter ni dah start kena atk. Nampak ramai dah jemaah
3 days · translate
Not rise now, but as long it maintains its pofit, the chart will be wonderful.
4 days · translate
Wow boss start acquired at last lol
4 days · translate
Wahhhhh water coming in. Welcome2
4 days · translate
Haha kasi goyg je. Comfort pn17. Skang dah rich aff
5 days · translate
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