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been holding this stock since 0.42
3 weeks · translate
good prospect of revenue stream for DNeX. the project it bags is likely to increase its value further. We buy the value, not the price.
2 months · translate
hold for long term, we'll see it's real worth later :)
3 months · translate
I trust the prospect of this stock, the business is thriving. Road to ROI 100% (nearly 40% at the moment), if the price falls I'll topup some more.
3 months · translate
Inclusion in the ESG index is of course a good news.
5 months · translate
not only technical rebound, now we have catalyst as well..all in, ready to take off!
5 months · translate
almost oversold, expect for technical rebound soon?
5 months · translate
yeayy..all of you who are still holding AEMULUS, congrats!!
6 months · translate
still holding tight..
9 months · translate
QoQ profit improved,YoY is still red. But the profit on quarterly basis actually increased.
9 months · translate
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