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sanichi my favorite stock is back . Target price 0.03 - 0.035 cents . See you on Monday
5 hours · translate
if serbadk can break 0.45 meaning it can go back to 0.50
6 hours · translate
all in serbadk go go go up
7 hours · translate
loss money also can become win money
7 hours · translate
today serbadk drop 11 cents why cannot buy. today buy today sell also can
7 hours · translate
sapu all in serbadk
7 hours · translate
Have to wait at Rm 0.40 cents
7 hours · translate
already hit 0.45 cents it's Time to buy back shares. oh loss money again already Rm 0.43
7 hours · translate
I think today supermx will going after 4 days drop . take note. Don't tell me today going to hit new record down. If hit record high ,like that nevermind because already drop at the lower price. if limit up then it's much OK
8 hours · translate
we want the contra peoples die.if they didn't die we all die because they keep selling once the price is drop
9 hours · translate
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