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Wait at 1.85. must shake out weak holders.
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People spread fear rumours to spark fear so that they can buy your shares when you panic sell at low prices. Conversely, people also spread speculative positive rumours so that people will FOMO buy, and they sell you their shares at high prices.
3 days · translate
you better sell and short ableglobal then. will limit down if it's true. ha ha.
4 days · translate
lovely price retracement, have to retest 1.80-1.85
1 week · translate
have to retest 1.80-1.85
2 weeks · translate
Handle not completed yet.
2 weeks · translate
haha... we make money from other's foolishness leading to stock mispricing. if everybody has the right temperament as Buffet said, and the market is fully efficient, you and i would have no chance to make money in the stock market.
2 weeks · translate
i hope the share price go down down down, and people panic sell. the lower the price the happier. can buy more cheap shares.
3 weeks · translate
Buy more, will join top 20 shareholders soon.
3 weeks · translate
you should be happy mah, got cheap shares for sale.
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