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Let the boss sendiri goreng sendiri makan.boss kaya kita senang.
5 days · translate
10 sen coming very soon.
2 weeks · translate
better use u money to buy good company rather waste u time and money buying this company.
4 weeks · translate
This counter use to issue PA,now consolidated 15 to 1, now want to issue new shares, but it seem that these actions nothing benefit to the company and share holders but just to squeeze off the retail investors, the retail investors r on the weaker side to against the majority shareholders. Any place to make our complaint?
2 months · translate
after x rights u still have the chance to buy 5 cents shares.
2 months · translate
u buy u die,u don't buy u boss die.
2 months · translate
5 cents sure can buy lah.
2 months · translate
tungu tungu jadi 5sent.
2 months · translate
biar boss senderi goreng senderi makan senderi senang hati .
2 months · translate
biar boss sendiri goreng sendiri makan.
3 months · translate
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