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sigh...wish i have more funds to buy in more..
3 months · translate
good storm or bad storm?
8 months · translate
@yim jian leng Any prediction about the quarter result? they sold mlabs and now kstar..
9 months · translate
so many purchase at 0.13 during 4.36pm to 4.43pm. Total volume purchase is 16901. good news coming soon?
9 months · translate
break resistance already. i believe TP 6 is coming also
9 months · translate
break resistance 4.73 d...go go go
9 months · translate
normal la..823 loser today.. all drop.. full lockdown possibility..
9 months · translate
hope got 3rd run.. good stock like this is hard to find.
9 months · translate
already reach tp 4. it should retract for a few days. whether can up again to the legendary tp, depends on the amount of retraction.
9 months · translate
its uptrend again..hooray..
9 months · translate
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