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这里责怪auditor的人还真有病。用你们的脑想想看这么做对KPMG 有任何好处吗? 得罪顾客不在话下。如果真的纯属因为不专业而raise 的red flag, 那么对自己在行内的名声破坏有多大?

现在serbadk 以为自己给钱了就大晒,auditor 就一定要”配合” 他们。果真那么无辜,为什么不完成了independent review再做定断?
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Dividend 比之前10 cent 高了。bonus issue 后的4 cent 可是等于BI 前的12 cent
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一些人总觉得面子比银子重要。讲了一大堆其实才hold 那几个lot
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难怪那么多散户是韭菜。连announcement 都有问题去理解
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Not change la abang... they appoint E&Y to review the report from KPMG. That’s all....
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Lol 好一个在在这里肛...
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油价USD70关LCTITAN 什么事,他们又不是卖原油。反而Naphtha 成本更贵了
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Brainless. Go hoot other share la, dont kacau here
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The shipment issue is real, freight cost spike about 300-400% (at least) since Nov’20. Those info are readily available in internet.

Certain company able to cushion the impact by re-negotiate the term with shipping company/ inc the selling price to the customer.
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