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YTL POWER UK Wessex water has increased water charges since 1st April 2024 and they have submitted a price hike plan of 2025-2030 for approval.
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LSS5 将要公布winning bidders 了,YTL and YTL POWER 将再创高峰。。。。。。。。
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FOR GENUINE YTLPOWER,YTL and associate companies INVESTORS stay tuned for the LSS5 and LCEG Programme bidding results....
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投资YTL 不是一两个月的事情而是两三年的策略。
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"We understand YTLP is in advanced discussions with potential clients for a possible 20MW portion. Management remains confident to kick-start a major part of the project in 12 months," said RHB.

It said YTL Power is also considering leasing the remaining 16MW of its 48MW conventional data centre to an AI player, or allowing YTL Communications to convert into AI-DC with Nvidia H100 servers.
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Sime 也是春兄介绍的,我来得有点迟。
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profits almost the same as EMCC hence emcc is the better bet at 50% discounted price of papajak.
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Well,YTLP has been winning praises from MSWG
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Q to Q 好业绩股价也没反应??
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