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Darren 这段时间还能睡着真佩服, 买在0.765很大声, 现在完全没有声
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Washed those weak out from the game, Wednesday gonna hit new high again hoorraayyyyyyy
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Bjland acquired land to do charity? VT is planning affordable homes for B40, is that project profitable or is a charity without profit?
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Genting is the most hot topic among Malaysians, and it’s the only business really making money that now we can witness through our own eyes because we can see everyone posting videos and photos on Facebook. But did you see anyone posted flying with airasia now? So between Airasia and Genting, which one would you choose? Of course the one with proof (Facebook posts)
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Genm will hit RM3.50 on Wednesday, because tmrw is public holiday, everyone going up to Genting
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Today call warrant C1E officially in the money, issuer is CIMB, exercise price is RM3.2, closing now is RM3.21…yesterday CIMB call sell, so coming CIMB will continuously press down mother price, we will make them regret for doing that!
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这种人不会玩股票的, 只会跌的时候就叫人家跑, 起的时候就说买, 典型的马后炮
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可是也最怕的是突然报道云顶有case, 然后叫大家谁有上去的需要隔离观察, 所以有好有坏, 买卖自负,我不会只说云顶的好, 我也会分析风险, 所以千万不要攻击我
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今天有望突破3.20了, Genting公布了今天早上8点开始正式开放营业Skycasino了, 过去2周只有旧赌场在营业, 星期日的各大报纸将会报道weekend超级多人上云顶消费, 然后星期一就会gap up了
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