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Company has so high NTA, but why can't leverage on the asset to generate more revenue and profit? Should change the CEO?
2 weeks · translate
Q1 FYE 2024 improved.
2 months · translate
PE so high?
2 months · translate
Why Wong Tak Keong disposed his share?
2 months · translate
The standard answers to this UMA showed that the insiders used the loophole of the laws to manipulate the share price. Just remember in stock trade, it is zero sum game, hence better to escape while you still have the chance.
2 months · translate
If share price surged up like this, be careful. Better invest in SCGB, slow and steady win the race
2 months · translate
Q1 today?
3 months · translate
A good company but led by lousy leader. Revenue improving but Profits keep dropping qoq. Only put the blame on inflation
3 months · translate
Operating costs high, due to mark up prices in procurement?
3 months · translate
2nd Q R dropped by 50%, low dividend
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