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Real Bursa Hunter

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23 Nov picks:asiapoly,rgtech
Current holdings: frontkn,unisem

Joined Jun 2020


nicole, 买很多吗?average at 46c if tmr drop. and then sell bit by bit if going up. buy other counter to cover losses. this is the best way to do.
8 hours · translate
mindblow day. uptrend this morning and then afternoon waterfall.
9 hours · translate
vivo 抓反弹可以,可是一定跌回。今天股市有够奇怪,全部计划起的翻船。asiapoly 是其中一个。
9 hours · translate
see chart formation thought got show. damn weird today. 功力有待加强
9 hours · translate
sunway pyramid 平日人潮少得可怜,店很多没有开。
10 hours · translate
11 hours · translate
13 hours · translate
tmr fly. see me fly. i'm flying to the sky
14 hours · translate
kyy 乌鸦嘴,每次发文,supermx 一定回调
15 hours · translate
你 trap在 hlcap, 不要在这里说鸟话。
17 hours · translate
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