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@alias, sure or not? waiting for almost 2-3weeks already but it keeps dropping, hmmmm....wats ur tp for tis share?
5 days · translate
1month liao lo, no wake up pun
6 days · translate
counters related to fintec must avoid buy, even will fly oso dunt touch, pity those chased in including me, last year 70% capital lost in these fxxk counters...cry oso no tears....almost all this bastard group counters drop to few cents!!!!!
1 week · translate
@jane, dint c any group inside his profile, his group is in tele or we?
2 weeks · translate
@jayson, can join ur meow group too?
3 weeks · translate
60sen? haha
1 month · translate
how u know? sudah tunggu lama kat condo, xnaik naik pun
1 month · translate
need break and maintain 0.24 above oni gt hope, if not susah up
2 months · translate
同一个 骗人集团的 公司,股价只有一路向北,真倒霉买进这些烂股,血汗钱亏完, 哎
2 months · translate
这个也是 fintec groups 的其中之一公司??做么可以跌到这样够力??死人 con groups,每天拜拜,希望你们这帮人快快给天收回去!!!
2 months · translate
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