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not bad, cunning old lion.... announce bad QR then seek for buy back share.....
3 months · translate
thank you for big angpow....nuff for me. bye guys.
3 months · translate
rip tan sri
5 months · translate
sell on news. Tq guys. Lovely. See ya.
6 months · translate
tp 1 cent on the way
9 months · translate
lol winding up petition..... tomorrow go save your money lah.... this counter gg already
1 year · translate
the situation is like you climb mount kinabalu and you got stuck there, earlier you still got food and water.... soon you realise you apa lin also dont have.... so only can hope for miracle.
1 year · translate
thats fake figure boy.....
1 year · translate
All study so much but unable to catch the right tune. Many had left bursa for cryto trading.
1 year · translate
And so TG back to pre-covid level.... Good
1 year · translate
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