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better put your money in other counters, easily make so kopi money, this mhb is like rotten from the inside out, haha useless stock
1 day · translate
this longkang mhb, still at the longkang price after so many years masuk longkang, haha
2 days · translate
dead counter
3 days · translate
why so early started to run huh, engine just started, anyway got profit is already blessed,
6 days · translate
wow, thank you so much artroniq, I sold all at 0.235, haha, I win this time
6 days · translate
looks like this longkang counter is going to start it turbo engine again, hahaha
6 days · translate
today nice closing, haha tomorrow see can earn some kopi 0 money or not
1 week · translate
today volume already dried up, just now entered at 0.20 sen, testing water 200k units, haha. maybe hold for short term
1 week · translate
awesome closing price today,
1 week · translate
will enter again when the price is favourable to me, remember a winner never quit and a quitter never wins, haha, crocodiles wanted to play from high to low, we just obliged them, see how low can it goes
1 week · translate
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