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Tak tahu naik walaupun ada profit tiap2 quarter
1 week · translate
Directors has intention to deal during closed period. If they buy, maybe QR is +ve with good news. If they sell, maybe QR is - ve.....
1 month · translate
Subscribers of excess rights shares cost is only 7sen per share. Coz of 7 free warrants for 12 rights shares.
1 month · translate
Better be careful with consolidated stock. Look at Sanichi now 3sen.
1 month · translate
This stock 'controlled' and 'moved' by Mak Siew Wei, same as AT and Saudee, Gocean.
1 month · translate
Better not to trade this stock goreng by Mak Siew Wei of AT, SAUDEE and GOCEAN. Big boys and operators already cornered this stock with 80% excess application of rights shares with free warrants. Better stay sideline see the big boys fight each other. Their cost is less than 9 sen taking into consideration of the free warrants. On 21/7 listing date, they will like push up warrants to sell to minimise their cost.
2 months · translate
Boss giving free webinar to promote his company thru kentrade today 1/7 8.30pm
2 months · translate
If can break 17.5, next TP could be the 5-year high price of 20.5 which will see stronger resistance to break.
2 months · translate
Jason, klsescreener, go to this stock and select announcements
3 months · translate
pump and dump at such low price ? not yet reach that stage
3 months · translate
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