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not delay..just based historical..Qr will update last week of april
3 weeks · translate
look like consolidate n do PP to raise fund...when share become heavy..conso again..then add new share through RI/PP
1 month · translate
nice..28 centss...huat huat
1 month · translate
perforamance drop...div drop.. chemical stock like pchem n lctitan..any knows..?
1 month · translate
nice 23 sen div....
2 months · translate
sell business and delist like Litrak?
2 months · translate
they target to gain fund from 30% PP after consolidate...PP price equal 0.07 bef conso/0.345 after conso...should be good
3 months · translate
boss keep collected ticket?
3 months · translate
ecrl ka? atau other project?
4 months · translate
sometimes good...easy to share div/ share only 540mil....will be 50 cent after conso... it comes bad if price
5 months · translate
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