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Need to able to closed green by this week theb will be good.. failing which to closed another red candle then need monitor again
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A good day to come
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没有那么说的啦兄弟, Gamuda Tan Sri Lin Yun Ling 和 MYEG 也不是华人公司.
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This is digital banking license, only 5 will be issue by government. Diversify to a digital lending business act like a bank to borrow money but online. Is good also as digital is the future but whether would it be over exposure and too much to focus on turnaround Genting Las Vegas, bidding for Japan resort and gaming license, Biotech listing and now digital license. If all goes well the future is bright.
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If closing below RM3.66 dangerous
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Almost leh.. big croc use various way to scared all retailers go de.. some more got a lot who wish to buy cheap keep spreading making losses for new 2 quarters la this and that..
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We invest in Genting or GenM is not talking these few mths. It is a recovery plan and beyond 2021 if just wish to see next few mths to report a good profit for sure you will see records profit in glove stocks..:)
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Again the news proof good
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Or not at least near 0.40
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