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lagi berdarah tak mau jalan Harini
2 days · translate
hahaha takut nak spike
5 days · translate
hahaha mcm tunggu kerusi sekolah dah
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ckup terseksa. topup lagi lah position
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goo die after dump
1 week · translate
besar volume. test test haha
1 week · translate
beli lah masa tidur . dah naik susah
2 weeks · translate
belum tiup bang , ajak lah kompang sikit
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On behalf of the Board of Directors of GDEX ("Board"), UOB Kay Hian Securities (M) Sdn Bhd ("UOBKH") wishes to announce that the Company intends to undertake a diversification of the existing principal activities of GDEX and its subsidiaries ("GDEX Group" or the "Group") to include the provision of information technology ("IT") services and solutions ("IT Services and Solutions") ("Proposed Diversification").
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masyukk lah pakatan harapan
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