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Azlan Azali

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Joined Jul 2020


Done deal.. TQ DPS for your service
2 days · translate
OK la tu... dah break resiatance. Teruskan usaha anda wahai DPS
4 days · translate
Semakin hampir...
3 weeks · translate
xde catalyst lagi ni... kalau ada catalyst nnti baru la jalan
3 weeks · translate
Tak lama dah tu...
3 weeks · translate
Good morning DPS. rise and shine?
1 month · translate
its called retracement, when sellers have more control over buyers. kinda normal within few weeks after a volume spike. take a look at parkson
2 months · translate
just my 2 cents observation. if stay above support is better. but if retrace more, maybe can expect double bottom, just like sapnrg 5218. regardless any retracement level, one day it will surpass 140 ... god bless
2 months · translate
at this stage, good news is bad for us. no news is good news. i guess DPS will retrace to 085 ~ 095. better wait for macd cross signal to re enter
2 months · translate
Oooo... elliot wave ka?
2 months · translate
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