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My analysis is based on Elliot wave theory. From 2018 to 2021 the chart is in wxy double three correction.currently is in y correction forming triangle.look at rsi draw a trend line from 24may21 to current date u will understand what I mean
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Next week will drop more to 0.59 maybe in 2 weeks time.last chance to collect cheap before push all the way to 0.725
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0.59-0.605 将是最后一次机会了!大家好好把握时机
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Pandangan saya next week Mungkin swing to 0.64 untuk wave 2 Lepas tu masuk wave 3 itu masa boleh dapat 0.6 Wave 4 0.605 then wave 5 0.59
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Looks like a leading diagonal may ended 5 wave below
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Krono lama lagi nak naik kena tunggu sampai bulan november.sekarang tengah buat ending diagonal
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Maybe from dubai then head to Qatar press media for LA
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Henry,how u knew that syndicate super run?
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Good to see u again!
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Hey slee,wasco director in Dubai now
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