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Luke, are you still holding? what is your target price to sell?
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Yes the signing event is tomorrow at Grand Hyatt Hotel at 4.45pm, congrats to those are still holding.
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Hopefully the big news is a great one Ahmad
10 months · translate
Hi hi, any view on the announcement from Anwar later at 4.30pm? Will the announcement affect this counter? Thanks
10 months · translate
Thanks GU Shen, all the best to everyone
10 months · translate
May I know what is the resistance price? Thanks.
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Good morning guys, thanks 林,for share the info. You may address me Eng, no need to type my full name so long, haha.

@葉,that’s the same thing what my Remiser told me, if we sell our existing holding shares after the BI date, we will still entitle to get the bonus shares on 26th Oct. Let’s hope this is correct info :)

@LFC, you are right, just trade the existing share we have first and wait the BI shares to be credited into our account.

Stay safe and happy treading.
1 year · translate
林,thank you so much for your prompt reply. No worries, I will try to get further clarification from my Remiser pertaining to the warrant topic.
For the second answer, well noted the bonus share price will be the same at 0.633/lot when I receive on 26th October.
Thank you, have a good rest and good night.

@Patrick, my Remiser have shared with me an official notice the bonus share will only be credited into our account on 26th Oct. Perhaps you may need to re-check with your Remiser again to see if he have any official notice that proven the bonus share will be credited on 16th Oct?
1 year · translate
Thanks for your detail sharing 林,I always like your post, very detail and informative. I am not good in typing mandarin but I can read mandarin, I have 2 small queries to consult you:
1) I am holding 320 Lots of ESC at the price of 1.2675 per lot (100units/lot which is 32000 units in total), if I sell all 320 Lots after the BI date, let say I sell in between 14th Oct to 25th Oct, I should still be able to get the bonus share of 320 Lots plus 320 Lots of Warrant on 26th Oct bcoz I only sold after the split date which is 14th Oct onwards? (The last date to hold for the clean share is 5pm on 13th Oct)

2) If I have sold all the 320 Lots of clean share before 26th Oct, when they credited the 320 Lots of bonus share on 26th Oct, what will be the price per lot?

Thank you in advance for your valuable advise.
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Hi Teng Teng. I couldn’t find your FB but I have added Huey Shin Tan and message her already, thank you for setting up the group. Highly appreciated.
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