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why you guys want to bully perempuan? x steady la ni
2 weeks · translate
The price was 3cent, consolidation became 30cents after that. You didn't check your portfolio for how many months?
5 months · translate
Last year October when the price was 3cent. after consolidation became 30cents+
6 months · translate
So anda sudah tengok apa fundamentals LKL yang ada?
2 years · translate
Andy, PH for Sabah and Labuan only
2 years · translate
Not panic selling. It's profit taking
2 years · translate
Buy all stocks
2 years · translate
嗨你好,我是你的邻居... Hi
2 years · translate
Yes, covered by insurance
2 years · translate
Thank you HB Global! See you when I see you
2 years · translate
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