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如何在股市内输钱?短/长线?我的分享是:当输时- 1)知道为什么及怎样输, 2)当机立断输, 3)被套着输(麻木的/压着/套着被削去自己的本金)?

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last year October end and December end had a similar moved/trend, still at a range of price 1.05 top, so for the call warrant are still early to hedge in, my opinion
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sure, it's still relevant
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daily upper and lower Bollinger bands continue sliding down, the down side still unknown, momentum of the down trend still present, trend still intact!
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18 October price surge are just making way for the trend to be much perfect, today back to near RM 2.00
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in the coming 3 trading days, if it closed below 0.67, then this rebound session are over. a retest bottom are highly possible, but to break this low (29/9/2022). I think are quite unlikely, as the values of the company at this price are really attractive enough for solid investors to get involved
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as u said, why didn't they do so? there are others stocks
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poor management, as can see the turn over, and also the 2 right issues since 2003
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