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如何在股市内输钱?短/长线?我的分享是:当输时- 1)知道为什么及怎样输, 2)当机立断输, 3)被套着输(麻木的/压着/套着被削去自己的本金)?

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the side effects of bubbles are devastating and persistent, already 2 years still not find it's bottom, partially due to, punters went in while rebound, thus so this will continue the selling pressure along the way. ...the bottom sign would be the downtrend duration, half or double of it's times
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with such volume decline pattern, soon when want to dispose also difficult, not liquidity
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if he sold a portion of his holding at RM 6-7.50, then they buy back at RM 3.80-2.50, u think they are foolish? they own and started this business, none can understand their own share under value or over value than himself. these action also consider short selling, then cover back at lower price, he still holds the same % of share, but profited from opportunity of life time
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this year tg dividend pay out, missing march and June, so the earning and profit are clearly out, to justify of dividend return investment plan are off, capital return are vanished as well, the dip are over or just about to begin are yet to be confirm, with such market sentiment, and the past over enthusiastic on the glove fever which also called bubble, this will further dip are still possible
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手套股回调更严重,也不说抄股如,dataprp, euro, cheetah 等等
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it's dropped so much and so prolonged! it will have a long period of time side way, so definitely not now yet, can't say or tell the selling end or the bottom made. market are always there, and opportunity also always around, matters were like when
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