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Bonus issue of warrant... Start engine by today.
Yesterday · translate
Next counter coming soon
Yongtai and Yongtai new warrants
3 days · translate
CSH, Mtronic, now Euro
5 days · translate
Maybe same case with CSH, a big buyer volume q at 0.14, waiting ikan bilis buy at price 0.145
Be careful
1 week · translate
Acquired 6,500,000
Maybe got chance fly...
Son 0.18 EV = 0.8 mother 0.955
If mother fly, son also follow.
1 week · translate
Some new warrant can fly after few days listed.
1 week · translate
So many cases before, maybe few weeks later, from 30 sen back to 6 sen again.
1 week · translate
Maybe push down mother within 2 weeks like saudee sanichi MMAG KSTAR Komark focus bc mall...
1 week · translate
Maybe push down mother share within two weeks like MMAG Mtouche KSTAR Sanichi Komark saudee focus...
1 week · translate
Sudah back to normal trade, maybe rebound soon.
2 weeks · translate
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