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TODAY 30/07/2021 bursa market stat
Local retailer net buy +45.27mil
local instit net buy +279.86mil
foregin net sold -325.13mil
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foreign fund run away
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good news already out.
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goreng, economy no good, hard to make money so goreng stock. whoever take profit wins.
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Bosco, 你去年12月买的?会上回去的。。。。。。。。。
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with anti hopping law msia will forever politic unstable
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Green, i never heard of semicon judgment day from IB. ctos ipo is abit risky, becareful, you can go to lowyat stock market discussion, general discussion on klse.
@fan, Nasdaq TA shows another retracement? oh i didn't know about that. i believe Nasdaq has rebound, i could be wrong. yeah most important is make money, agree.
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yes Green, if you hold cash now waiting to buy low is a good strategy. i believe Nasdaq has recovered and on its' way up, msia tech is following suit.
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