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Budget 2024 five lrt3 station resume construction worth rm4.7b, till now mrcb haven't awarded the contract. Stadium shah alam, flood mitigation project also pending....
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I saw an article regarding proton TIV hit record high and huge industrial land banks in Tebrau Johor, Shah alam, melacca and Tanjung Malim. Johor theme and auto stocks bullishing but drhcom share price hovering near record low. Haha
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Construction theme very bullish, hope Gamuda can give angpao. And hope the gov can materialise Mrt3, hsr projects
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Wow, Johor stocks booming heading to your tp2. Good
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If no mega project for malaysia in coming years, Gamuda should focus on "BMW" grade toilet projects, our pm and ministers very proud of this. Lol
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this gov just a good talker. Don't put high expectations on lrt3 or else, refer to budget 2023 announced on Feb this year, they also said will resume mrt3, flood mitigation projects etc...and mentioned these projects tender will be revealed by June 2023. Now is mid of Oct nothing have been done, flood victims keep suffering from flash flood every year and the RM10bil+ flood mitigation project in budget 2023 carry forward to budget 2024. Hahaha
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Gov want to "save money" , most likely no mega projects, mrt3 and HSR I guess sure postpone again.
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