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QR acceptable with increasing Revenue
Reduced profit margin due to cost for new staff, preparation for up coming expansion

Aesthetic clinic starting May 2024
Cambodia ambulatory starting May 2024
Next QR hopefully will get a further improvement in revenue and profitability.
1 day · translate
Thank u ranhill for the ride. Today pm will have a good show
1 day · translate
Result expected. similar to teoseng
2 days · translate . Take u for the ride. Nasib baik dah cabut
2 days · translate
I waiting for at least 1.6
2 days · translate
Am i seeing it wrongly? Listed company spent Rm2k to SBB
2 days · translate
do aesthetic as can be listed? this is a joke. So many aesthetic clinics out there, Many contract MO quit KKM tp join aesthetic. Simply throw a stone will hit aesthetic clinic or Dr.
2 days · translate
saw in news, gov continue to give subsidy with same mechanism, why report saying such a massive drop in subsidy?
2 weeks · translate
Walao 上影线酱长
2 weeks · translate
Increasing earning, increasing revenue, increasing dps, ok la tu, satisfied
2 weeks · translate
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