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I don't think will limit up... mayb technical rebound only..
10 months · translate
rebound la..
10 months · translate
sure bor ...brother...
10 months · translate
go study detail the QR...most of it goes to deffered Tax.hope it drops below 34 Sen.. I sure sapu
11 months · translate
RymDD, I also felt so...but mayb in a week or 2
1 year · translate
can la...if hits 60sen average...but I think quite hard la...unless got any political news brings it down
1 year · translate
dun worry la...if drop to 60sen..I will average down.but my price not so high la..abt 66 Sen only..u at which floor?
1 year · translate
60sen...then fast fast buy lo..nta at 1.66, EPS is 11sen. pe less than 6. even this quarter EPS drop by half is abt 2 Sen this quarter. pe is still less than 10.
1 year · translate
Ren J, u sailang?
1 year · translate
if can top at 2.50...太好了。。。
1 year · translate
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