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saya terlepas notion. rugi betul
6 hours · translate
jual dulu, masuk lagi dlm solutn. nampak cantik
7 hours · translate
come on kasi kejar mcm notion satu kali.
3 days · translate
diversify portfolio a bit. mid, med, short target at different counters. i have few, last friday boat in few trenches in Solutn. just awaiting next push. buy early, and wait. simple game
1 week · translate
just parking few trenches. finger cross. awaiting next pump. settings all nice
1 week · translate
look at sell n buy q, operator still main tarik tali
1 week · translate
tp kena faham mrcb ni suka main tarik tali. nak duit cepat sini susah sikit. boleh naik cun dia jual balik sampai londeh. sapa takda holding power blh cari kaunter lain dulu
1 week · translate
if they bought a lot cheaper, its a good sign, a sign of big push up. i see they buy n sell easily at any price now. anytime above 70cent is duable
1 week · translate
kena naik atas 70sen, break 72, 76, then baru sedap.
1 week · translate
i'm not the person seems to jump from one to another stock looking for trend. i buy before trend comes. i believe stock market is the tool to transfering money from impatient to the patients.
2 weeks · translate
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