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Let us wait at the end of the month qr
Hopefully the company will be able to divert the cost to the customer
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Lol, Harry
Tot u hold it due to willow good fundamentals, wondering why without the change of Fundamental but you decided to quit
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Thanks Cheng for sharing.
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Is totally reasonable to sell at 135
There is already more than 30% of profit.

As Andrew said, resistance hit. Congratulations for the earning, Andrew.
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it will come down challenge 0.375 , once break, see u at 325
MACD show sign
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when share gogogo u shout gogogo

when share is down, u blame others

Already hint you all will be long term invest, will need holding power for at least 18months from now to see the direction.

End up most of here just focus on teasing the idea of 18 months.
Now they choose to blame others
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It is very common, now share red. Everyone run run run.
when share green, then all gogogo

So just follow your own plan.
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