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KH Goh

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Joined Mar 2017


Why you run?
1 day · translate
Genting Malaysia can run the theme park itself. Long term investment should be okay but short term better don't. Just bought 50 lots (new measurement of 1 lot = 100 units) at the price of 2.80. Strongly believe that within 2~3 years should be able to see the positive result unless government raises the tax again from year to year.
2 days · translate
Looks possible based on the current performance.
2 days · translate
I think it needs time...
2 days · translate
Joyce Victoria
It's very difficult for this company to drop below RM5. My personal view is any price below RM5.50 is considered extremely good for long term investment but of course is not all in.
2 days · translate
TM? 我比较喜欢云顶。。。哈哈
3 days · translate
JY Hong, RM1 is impossible but RM5 stated by Joyce Victoria is possible although I don't hope it to happen.
3 days · translate
It's in your dream for the price to drop to your prediction! Your prediction only will becomes true if PAS taking over our country as Islamic government.
3 days · translate
Smart.... Very hard to have this type of chance....
3 days · translate
3 days · translate
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