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The Business outlook&prospects with stable earnings are always secret of investment
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This counter looks delicious :p
Anyone loyal investors here ?
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Hi Goh 晚上好
我個人是打算在0.265附近 加碼的,沒想到今天升了,沒機會逢低加碼,那就等待乘勝追擊的機會。
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Hey 各位股友,最近如何?
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Mans, we got two good news to support our back, which will continue to contribute for GREENYB's business growth. Calm and smile.

1.(吉隆坡20日讯)永和(GREENYB,0136,主板消费股)宣布,早前关闭的雪州万津厂房,在完成消毒工作后,获准在21日(周二)恢复营运 。
2. Month, August 2021, Production figure (kg): 39,820
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@小黃熊, no reason for me to sell, I bought it due to its nature of business, business growth and industry as well (you can refer to Hextar, which I bought it at 70cents, before bonus issue and sadly, I sold it once right because of market instability while no effect on its future prospects). Again, in your investment portfolio, there must be some stocks for long term, for averaging down. Rest, stay positive on them.
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Apparently for me is Gross Profit Growth if you have read through my first point.. I am kinda person more focus on the Revenue and COGS of a company, then I will analysis by segment, by comparing QoQ, YoY.. Ofc, there are also some external factor..
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