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♤♡乔治•索罗斯 ◇♧
曾经说过: "判断对错并不重要,重要的在于正确时获取了多大利润,错误时亏损了多少"

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but obviously la, hit supply zone now
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crazy as in almost 20% of total shares are in transactions, just in one day
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the volume of transactions is just crazy..
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i wondering why the transaction volume so high everyday, not bad counter
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这边科普一下,Serbadk 管理层目前的做法其实和当年Italy 的 Parmalat 公司极度相像,可以google 深度了解。

当年Parmalat 同样受到Big4- Deloitte 质疑旗下的财务报表,然而管理层直接把Deloitte给炒了,改聘请PWC。

Parmalat 报表上说明旗下一间子公司持有40亿欧元的资金,但相反的,管理层却不断发行债卷,理由是有家客户迟迟不肯还钱,但经调查,原来这所谓的客户其实是另一所子公司掩盖的。

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yay one thing is about borrowing cost, another thing is the operating expenses really high, it is almost equivalent to the revenue amount
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yeah for me, the operating amd finance cost is increase unexpectedly, make the profit unfavourable

but the reason I left is because of Technical analysis
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Stay safe everyone
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Ricky, ya u r right,

cashflow in FY2020 reduce by 112 mil. In FY2019, company proceed with huge issuance of bonds and huge disposal of short terms investment in FY2019 (both increase cashflow)

Otherwise, company will proceed with PP if without doing so in FY2019
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