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U guys so kepo chi whether he is wc spy or not. U play urs he play his. If u doing well u wont come here kepo chi. If u not doing well u shouldnt even come here kepo chi. Use the time deal wif ur losses and study better
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Opsssssss. Spoke too soon?
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Lol al these people must be rarely take profit in the market until they need to announce it here like “oh finally some profit i can say”
2 months · translate
limit up? Up ur ass la lol
3 months · translate
Every day also got people say LU la sohai
5 months · translate
你老板今天会跟你讲“i am ur father”
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So dog chin wei lol
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Very dog this cao nima lol. Most loyal dog ever seen
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No sht sherlock
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