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Max xam, which indicator u using for this info?
4 days · translate
Woof woof!!!
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Thx jeffrey, noted and will bear that in my mind
1 month · translate
Thx kyory and n jeffrey chan for much info given, though still processing, actually just wanna to know more, i wont touch it before i fully understood this
1 month · translate
Ya thx emma, i m awared of haircut, but wat so u mean by value cap?
1 month · translate
Kyory, what i meant was,
1. e.g i have 40k, if 40k pledged cash can get margin amt 80k,meaning all n all i can utilize 120k to buy stock izzit?

2. In case stock price plunged 40%, does it mean in margin acc losses will times x2=80% losses?

3. I heard ppl said in case u use margin acc to buy stock, if unfortunately stock plunged lets said 60% and triggered margin call, if u nt afford to top up money, they will sell off all stocks for u, but hw come ppl still can owe money to broker?
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Emma, i just rolled my eyes to the back of my head,lol
1 month · translate
So pledged funds+margin amt are all available for use to purchase stock? i dun understand what do u mean by they will take 50% of my share value kyory, n if the stock price plunged 40%, does it mean it will be 2x times losses in our margin acc? Why i heard ppl said u might owe money to broker if stock drop too much?tot if margin call n we not afford to top up, broker will sell of all our existing stock by themselves?
1 month · translate
Shud be 2.5 times, ty y also mentioned before is 2.5times...
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