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Yesterday · translate
Good morning everyone. Are you ready ? Good luck everyone and happy investment. Hoho…
3 days · translate
Don’t invest and believe AT will give you positive earning. Today all gloves will fly again except AT 0.05-0.06 maybe touching0.065 drop back 0.055
3 days · translate
Most country call off VTL today. Tomorrow glove show again …. Hahaha……
3 days · translate
All gloves counter big up but this Penipu AT still TIPU here and there….
4 days · translate
2 weeks · translate
Rm 1? Hahahaha I believe yes!. scammer like AT can do conso 20 to 1 immediate no need wait. Beware of AT!
2 weeks · translate
AA and AAX let me earn a lot of money. I’m collect AA @ 0.6 till now few round profit taking.
AAX I’m collect 0.04 till now also few round profit taking. Up to today I’m still holding 50000 units AA and 200000 units AAX.
I’m believe my target Price year end 1.5 -1.8 (AA) and 0.1-012 (AAX) is not a dream. Good luck for all investors.
3 weeks · translate
Tomorrow will drop further …… so many bad news !
3 weeks · translate
Hahahaha…. Bila lari ??? Good luck everyone
3 weeks · translate
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