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Yup, seen someone huge sell fake buy give ppl trap, keep sell their ticket at 0.655
4 days · translate
As my opinion, can try Q at 0.095 or 0.9 for fifo. If break 0.9 support thn cutloss
1 week · translate
Xyxy, u first time ply stock ka? U don't know trade according with shark? For trend ytd probably can reach 0.2 due to no block sure hold. For now if shark think enough for their profit u sendiri pandai2 lo
2 weeks · translate
Yup, this is the common way the operator keluar ticker
2 weeks · translate
Rmb don't chase even low, thy buy their own ticket & sell real ticket to u. Thy will act like wanna rise
2 weeks · translate
Thy creating volume, want keluar ticket, fake buy real sell. Don't chase, thy buy their own ticket & sell real ticket to u
2 weeks · translate
Game Over....
2 weeks · translate
Yup, fake queue buy a lot
2 weeks · translate
Agreed, topvoloume No.1 should bkful
2 weeks · translate
Tmr got show? Haha
2 weeks · translate
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