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I don’t get it,the ESOS for director meaning that they need to BUY it right?if they buy it,I think they will push it instead of press it or share conso? Press it or share conso doesn’t bring any profit to them right?newbie here please correct me
15 hours · translate
But we’re small potato only,they got at least 10mil shares,sure pass 1
1 day · translate
I tot is good as director bought the share?
2 weeks · translate
What does it mean?
1 month · translate
1 month · translate
1 month · translate
But eaten with few min
1 month · translate
Wow 1.2m 0.075
1 month · translate
Andy,never drop to 0.06 how u top up?skl
1 month · translate
Previously sign with all useless counter ma,now with cheetah should be ok?
1 month · translate
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