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The clowns will promise mountains and ask for crony ownership in return. If not for oil palm and crude oil, we will be dead by now.
1 week · translate
Could one of our clowns issue a statement now telling TSMC to come to Malaysia instead? haha..
1 week · translate
yes, hope the momentum continues.
2 weeks · translate
with increasing revenue and eps, do you think its gonna stop at rm4? hmmm...
2 weeks · translate
haha..not everyday green la..
2 weeks · translate
now, its more to market condition than the company performance.
1 month · translate
Keep throwing..maybe a new low will be formed.
1 month · translate
also to control the eps range, in case the management is expecting a lower revenue in the future.
1 month · translate
long way to go buddy..
1 month · translate
expected negative QR.
Importantly cashflow positive and cash in hand keep increasing.
Management needs to look into their operation cost.
2 months · translate
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