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keng ming roland choo

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Resurgence? where? US? haha the more the better.
1 week · translate
American, British, Canadian, Australian n kiwis all have their own national security n treason law. So is India
3 weeks · translate
I am not investing in China. Good luck investing in US.
3 months · translate
WALL STREETS have a CORRUPT culture. Don't be gullible or u could lose your pants.
3 months · translate
Goldman case involving in 1MDB is not isolated either, the high-flyers live on lavish lifestyle milking from companies in cohort with the corrupt elements of their business partners.
3 months · translate
Barings bank incident is not isolated, it's a culture in them, be careful again.
3 months · translate
You invest at your own risk, I sure don't trust WALL street sharks
3 months · translate
You invest, you're responsible for ANY Companies. So u mean White skin companies are better?
3 months · translate
Have u heard of Bear Stearns, Worldcom, BCCI, Nortel, Bernard L Madoff, Barings Bank ...........
3 months · translate
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