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keng ming roland choo

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US heading for recession due to trade war, money should be leaving US market for Asia?
4 days · translate
I like trade war. see which county will last. a 300 million population super power or a 1.4 billion to be super power.
4 days · translate
DRP 8.00. Sure subscribe lah
4 days · translate
China can reciprocate, ban all American as well, no problem.
5 days · translate
6 days · translate
Yes, especially the banking shares dividend.
1 week · translate
Give more dividend lah, why keep so much in bear market, haha
1 week · translate
Why keep so much money? give give more dividend to reward those investors that stick with u through thick n thin.
1 week · translate
I hope good companies should increase dividend disbursement to disappoint those speculators.
1 week · translate
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