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需记得,美国跌来跌去还高过 Covid-19前的 DJI及Nasdaq, 而我们 Bursa Composite 却比Covid 前低的多的多。
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Never mind, 6.5% where to get?
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That's why the North Peninsula heading south n the South Island heading North. What a Contrast all because of corruption.
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I tink this Scomi issue MBB lost 100+ Million
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The more political link they are, the more dangerous n the more they will go bankrupt. Too much corruption n leakages in these politically link companies. No wonder Malaysia n its Ringgit going down all the time to the like of Timbaktu?
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How come lending to these political Link companies don't have to impose extra collaterals?
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Still have Sapura Energy issue not settled. What the f. else other issues still hidden and not revealed to the public. I am flabbergasted. Always better to buy HL Bank and PBB.
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Lose big time in settlement with Scomi. No wonder. Too much political link loan.
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