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this counter not yet start fly... consider safe to join.. if wc appear when the price oledi fly up high then scared
18 hours · translate
the next brahims?
3 days · translate
maybe will fly by this year after 3g change to 4g
6 days · translate
not related la probably won't follow... opcom is telecommunication.. rohas is cable tower... one is 5g one is 4g
6 days · translate
trap everybody at 0.60
1 week · translate
shark oledi run.... just cutloss n buy other share
1 week · translate
volume very heavy lor when can fly? hehe
1 week · translate
run.. move to rohas
1 week · translate
wahhh why so much q buy? I wan q also cannot lor
2 weeks · translate
AirAsia too expensive to buy now... avi cheap cheap.. even no limit up up few cents also can earn some money
2 weeks · translate
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