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Yer la I pun tengah tunggu pecah 205.. Nak topup ni
10 hours · translate
So many ppl stuck at saudee how to take profit... Say cut loss better
13 hours · translate
Wait until neck long long dy
13 hours · translate
QR good also can down.. Some QR bad but fly
19 hours · translate
QR still green.. Tomolo got show?
1 day · translate
Break support pun tak pe.. Average down je then akan rebound balik
2 days · translate
QR good or bad doesn't matter.. Important is wan ppl come goreng only
2 days · translate
He n his member goreng only can up 1 or 2 cents.. The real shark come goreng will up to 30 cents... Why wan to run?
2 days · translate
High volume but useless haha
2 days · translate
No profit how to take... Up 10 cents I can take profit haha
4 days · translate
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