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Tomolo back to 0.70 above
1 day · translate
Many ppl wait long time for it to up.. Today finally up sure take profit 1st lor
6 days · translate
Profit taking lor what else happen
1 week · translate
Normal profit taking only la
1 week · translate
A lot of panic seller becoz of mco announcement
1 week · translate
Maybe can become like mtouche n vc.. From few cents suddenly shoot up haha
1 week · translate
Tomolo no market.. Public holiday
2 weeks · translate
老板还不要出手 还要等到几时啊 退到655 我就开心咯
2 weeks · translate
This one still ok if compare to fintec related counter... Still long way to go la if suddenly raise high high then drop like no tomolo tats really is trap like for example macpie n focus
2 weeks · translate
Gap up n limit up is the same?
3 weeks · translate
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