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Auditor, i booked a bit low. Will try again, hehe
3 days · translate
Noted, thanks ya
4 days · translate
You are good. Know when to buy and when to sell. I am no good at this. Always buy too fast or sell too fast. Lose money. Still newbie. So think of buying some long term stock and hold. Thanks ya
4 days · translate
You only have 2 stocks? I saw the list of stock you like. cimb, thong guan, uchitech, muda etc. You didnt buy?
5 days · translate
Hi Auditor
Allianz now at rm12.98. Is it high price? Have to wait for correction right?
5 days · translate
Noted. Will buy in by batches. Thanks
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5 days · translate
Hi auditor, still can buy in or not? Is it too late go up so much already?
5 days · translate
Oh, thank you
1 week · translate
Esos is good news or bad news?
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