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2 months · translate
The cheapest banking stock. What triggered the selling? The quarter seems to be getting better .
3 months · translate
@Johnson, can you afford to buy at 8? Rubbish talks. When the price reaches 9, you predict at 8. When the price is finally at 8 , your target price will be at 7. You begin with nothing & end with nothing. You are just a sore loser who is jealous of others who own expensive blue chips
3 months · translate
Finally looks positive
4 months · translate
Foreign funds loved big capitalised blue chips stock
4 months · translate
Public bank dividend is low, and capital appreciation is not that great. My average price is at 4.27. I'm still at a loss. Maybank stock price may be slow, but the dividend makeup quite a different. .
6 months · translate
Growth is faltering. No more earnings power
6 months · translate
I'm already done at 4.27. A wrong decision, and you get stuck like in he!!
8 months · translate
More than 10% capital losses
1 year · translate
The purpose of investment is to make profits. Artroniq was the right choice
1 year · translate
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