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주식 거래는 재미 있습니다. TIMOTHY Lee Dong Hye , born 31st Dec 2000. Mixed korean and Chinese parentage .

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I'm too waiting at 7.80.
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The worst stock market in Asia.
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So low . Cimb & MAYBANK more stable
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Silterra already running at full capacity to meet global demands. I believed there will be expansion plan's soon. Just hold it for a couple of years and the reward could multiple times
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Silterra running at full capacity . Buy & hold
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Long term investment. No need to keep track every day. Just buy & hold. Tree will bear fruits in the future
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90% of new coronavirus in France involved those without vaccination only. I think by oct covid -19 in this country will drop to manageable level.
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Yes your uncle one.
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If there's so many if you already making millions now. My investment over a million & my target also million.
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I think 4.50 also impossible now. Just top up 10k units today at 4.90
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