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주식 거래는 재미 있습니다. TIMOTHY Lee Dong Hye , born 31st Dec 2000. Mixed korean and Chinese parentage .

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Amanahraya funds kept selling for weeks. Worse performing banking counter
4 hours · translate
Finally breakeven at 4.26. Almost loss hope
11 hours · translate
Does that means we have difficulty trading our shares in the future? If so I move my funds to Singapore stock market. My aunt stay in Singapore.
1 week · translate
Cimb perform better
1 week · translate
Hope above 9 before end of 2021
1 week · translate
oh thats really s*cks. I'm using Ambank platform .
1 week · translate
Lifetime investment just like pension money.
2 weeks · translate
Yeah I think 7.80 not really a good discount compared to 7.60 previously offered.
3 weeks · translate
I'm using Ambank platform. There's no such platform for odd lots trading
3 weeks · translate
odd lots can be sell? I hold some odd lots in supermax & TOPGLOV. I don't think there be any voucher for applying drp this round. My parents asked to take up all the shares alloted to me.
3 weeks · translate
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