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When stock down David always the first to came out to claimed victory. When stock up David goes into hiding.
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Don't give rubbish advice. Why set up a new account just to bash this counter? Already hit 70. Nobody bothered with your trash thinking. Your brain doesn't work here. Asked people not listen to others but to follow your trash advice? Are you a stock god? Why set up a new account just for this forum?
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Bad karma befall on you lol . So bad a person. You know so much about this counter with a recent set up account. Is it Your stepfather own company? That's why it brings hates?
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Making losses every quarter with little fundamental and now becomes top Goreng pisang . Really Impressive
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He can afford to buy 100 units.
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Calvin, where is all your confidence gone? You condemn those who view this counter negative. And you strongly recommend that it go further up. Why dump smrt all of a sudden? Loss your pants already? Hahaha, smrt earnings per share only 2.5 cents. What's so great behind the rally? Just another goreng pisang counter.
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Andrew is God of Stock. From delivering good advice, today onwards, I will burn incense sticks pray to God Andrew .
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Why the sudden rise??????
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