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Don't worry guys...May will be interesting and exciting!
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Impatient ppl will probably start throwing as usual haha
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Ermm beware of what exactly? Agreed on (2) but (1) and (3)? That was the announcement before, to supply to 10% of population and Solution is Cansino's local partner. Difference is the former is now sealed.
1 month · translate
Thing is, CS operate rather differently from the other Chinese vaccine operators. More MNC style. For the uninitiated, the Can from CanSino stands for Canada...their top mgmt comprise of primarily Canadian Chinese + mnc background.
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For those who're in this for the vaccine biz, they're not going ahead with the F&F facility apparently so tread carefully ya
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有两个。。local 的可能今天
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News out soon...
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Agree with @Cyang... those who thinks govt is dealing DIRECTLY with CS, you're sadly mistaken. Pls get your facts right b4 spewing nonsense...jeezzzz
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